Chrome XP

Popular and full-featured browser made by Google


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  • Category Themes
  • Program license Free
  • Version V4
  • Size 178.71 kB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by leonex

Chrome XP is a version of this popular web browser that Google designed for users who have computers running Windows XP. As newer versions of Chrome only work with newer operating systems, this version works on older devices.

The right web browser can change the way you surf the web and view your favorite sites. Some of these browsers move so slowly that you need to adjust the settings multiple times to reach your desired speed level. Other browsers lack the features that you need to keep track of your recently visited pages and favorite web pages. Chrome XP comes with a number of desirable features that you can use when surfing the web.

Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers out there. You can download and upload programs without missing a beat and without feeling like you waited for hours. Those fast speeds are especially important for those who watch videos online. Whether you view music videos on YouTube or you catch up on television shows with Hulu, you'll notice that those videos load faster and do not buffer like they did in the past.

This newer version of Chrome comes with predictive searches too. When you enter a letter in the search bar, it will give you a list of searches you might perform. Chrome XP also uses your past searches to get an idea of what you might search for later. Some dislike this feature because they think it's a privacy invasion. You might also dislike that Chrome XP keeps a list of your most frequently visited sites on your home page. Each time you load the browser, those sites appear as thumbnails on your screen. While this can make browsing more convenient, some dislike that it lets Google track them.

Chrome XP comes with some big changes from previous editions. Instead of hitting the backspace button to return to your last site, you must now press the ALT button and the left arrow at the same time. Google added this feature in response to users complaining about accidentally backing out of pages. It also limits you chances to view content in private and keeps you from restoring tabs that you accidentally closed. If you have an older computer or operating system and want to search online without using Internet Explorer, Chrome XP is a suitable alternative.


  • Comes with a drop down menu for accessing popular sites
  • Includes links to apps like Google Docs and Gmail
  • Can download new plug-ins for viewing videos or reading PDFs online
  • Lets you do instant searches without visiting Google first
  • Maintains a list of frequently viewed sites that you can see on your home page


  • Makes it harder to go back to previously viewed pages
  • Lacks the security features found on newer Chrome browsers
  • Will not work on all computers
  • Must download new plug-ins to use some features
  • Limits your options for private viewing
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